Intention to the Competition
Transport engineering and the Creative sector

Creative ideas are the basis for innovations. These lead a country on to economic prosperity and for that reason, it is also an aim of Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) to promote innovations at various levels for transport as an overall system.

The development and production of future-oriented goods and services, geared to the needs of users, require a maximum degree of creativity and cost-awareness in the transport sector – using sustainable strategies in the management of resources and applying new technologies as the basis for innovative functionalities.

CREATECH (creative & technology) is a neologism combining creativity and technology.

Through this competition, CREATECH seeks to network companies in the transport and creative sectors and to encourage them to collaborate. The expectation is to see creative ideas and solutions generating clear added value for the customer.

CREATECH aims to combine the creative sector, as a characteristic cross-sectoral discipline, with technology – by encouraging the earliest possible inclusion of ideas for formal, functional and communicative design in the innovation cycle for technological developments.


22 April 2008: Launch
9 July 2008: Closing date for submissions, Submit to:
TCI Consult, attn: Mr. Hillbrand, Eschenbachgasse 11/DG, 1010 Vienna, Austria
September 2008: Jury decision
27 October 2008, 6:00 pm: Awarding of prizes, Studio 44, Rennweg 44, 1030 Vienna, Austria
November 2008: Last collection date for non-nominated submissions and all models

Target group

This competition was aimed at creative talents in a wide range of fields: design, architecture, multimedia, companies working in transport engineering, universities/specialist colleges and their students both in Austria and studying abroad.


The independent and international committee had to evaluate in total 56 contributions, all of them of high quality and innovative and indeed audacious creativity. The judges, experts in transportation technologies and creative industry, had evaluated the works in September 2008 and now were oriented in functional benchmarks on the one hand and in aesthetic and metaphoric criteria on the other. The appointed creations and aureates were presented and awarded in the course of a GALA-evening on October 27th, 2008, in „Studio 44“ in Vienna.

Learn more about the members of the Jury here.

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Added value for entrants

BMVIT’s intention in staging this competition is to illustrate the added value derived from collaboration between the transport and creative sectors. The nominated entries are intended to raise the degree of focus on this area of applications. In order for this to be achieved on a broad basis, the intention is to exhibit the nominated entries at national and international events and trade fairs organised by BMVIT or which BMVIT is attending as an exhibitor. Relevant publications in specialist magazines and presentation via the internet will give the nominated entrants a high level of publicity.